Coaching for Leaders & Managers

Boss Consulting helps leaders navigate challenges, embrace opportunities, and recognize your own role as an agent of change in the workplace.

Our coaching focuses on your well being and helping you become the leader you want to be. We help you see ways you can help foster a culture of collaboration, clarify your aspirations, and become engaged in a way that benefits not only you, but your colleagues and, ultimately, the entire organization.
During the coaching process, we’ll review leading-edge leadership research or approaches and talk about the insight they may spark in how you understand and address your challenges and opportunities.
Our role is to:
•  Be present for you,
•  Non-judgmentally listen as you describe your opportunities and challenges,
•  Help you clarify your assessment of your current circumstances and the implications for your aspirations,
•  Explore alternative courses of action available to you,
    -  Clarify the alternatives,
    -  Select the best alternative,
    -  Design a way forward,
    -  Redesign a way forward when your first strategy does not produce the desired results,
    -  Hold you accountable for implementing your way forward, and
•  Be your champion.
It is imperative that the coaching sessions be of value to you. To this end, we devote the last five minutes of each coaching session to evaluating our session.
The frequency of the sessions is collaboratively agreed-upon by you and your coach. Each session is typically one hour to 90 minutes long.
What our clients say about working with us.