Group or Team Leadership Development Program

Truly relevant leadership development programs are hard to find. Boss Consulting has a way to address this gap – a customized process to increase the capacity of leaders while they’re in the heat of the action and their learning can have maximum impact. 

How It Works
This process engages approximately 10 people at a time, from across the organization. There are two components to this leadership development program: individual coaching and group learning.  
1. Individual Coaching
Individual coaching for each enrolled leader takes place once a month for one hour.  Coaching focuses on addressing the current challenges and opportunities the leader faces. We also explore the individual's vision of himself/herself as an exemplary leader, how this aligns with the organization’s internal leadership models, performance feedback, gap analysis, action planning and implementation tracking. Valid and reliable assessment instruments can be used if so desired.
Topics arising from individual coaching sessions could become topics to be explored in depth during the corresponding group learning sessions.
2. Group Learning
The group learning experience consists of approximately 10 enrolled leaders meeting once a month for a three-hour facilitated meeting to share experiences and to learn from each other. The session is ‘generative’ in nature; that is, the content is determined by the leaders in the group and focuses on helping increase their competency as well as addressing recurring systemic issues. Leaders will candidly discuss the issues they face and provide advice to one another on how to understand their dilemmas and share probable approaches for resolving them.  
Topics addressed could include: 
  • Leading during periods of uncertainty or high change
  • Effective strategies to navigate the day-to-day challenges
  • Ways to gain and manage role clarity
  • Developing credibility as a leader
  • Influencing key stakeholders
  • Strategies for recognizing and celebrating individual and team success
  • Effective ways to address poor performance
  • Coaching for excellence
  • Cross-functional collaboration and alignment
  • Proactive communication
  • Building a culture of responsibility and accountability
  • Conflict resolution
  • Valuing quality 
  • Ensuring safety
Group learning sessions will have both individual outcomes and organizational outcomes. 
Individual outcomes will include but not be limited to:
  • Increased clarity of each leaders' personal vision of what he/she wants for him/herself as a leader
  • An understanding of how their personal leadership style aligns with the organization's leadership model
  • Increased confidence
  • Increased competence in both ‘hard’ leadership skills and ‘soft’ processes such as relationship building, tough conversations, collaboration and alignment
  • More professional and impactful relationships with colleagues, their managers, team members, and other stakeholders
  • Issues resolved in a more timely fashion after more thoughtful deliberation
Organizational outcomes will include but not be limited to:
  • Increased leadership bench strength through succession planning and the development of high potential employees
  • Increased information sharing and joint problem solving amongst leaders
  • Increased project management and leadership capacity throughout the organization
  • Increased mentoring for emerging leaders
  • Increased probability of meeting the organization’s objectives outlined in its strategic plan (and its financial success)
  • A greater understanding of how the organization’s leadership and management styles are practiced
Impact Assessment
The impact of this initiative can be measured through qualitative and quantitative means. Boss Consulting works with organizations to define and collect relevant measures.
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