Developing a workplace culture that inspires and engages individuals at every level is an ongoing process. And as with any such process, there's no single or "right" solution to any problem or challenge. Our coaches' expertise comes into play in the way they help you and your team arrive at those solutions – through careful consideration of the challenges you face, open dialogue about your goals and aspirations, and support in collaboratively developing and executing a plan of action.


We help you design and implement customized processes that enhance interpersonal and inter-organizational collaboration and alignment. These processes lead to open communication, shared vision, clearly defined roles and expectations, improved efficiency, and enhanced innovation.


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Leadership Coaching

Our one-on-one coaching sessions help leaders, managers and individuals recognize their role in achieving alignment through collaboration. Our sessions encourage you to talk about your biggest challenges, to look closely at your circumstances and to explore how you can unlock your aspirations and develop a plan to move forward.


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Group or Team Leadership Development Program

We work with up to 10 members of your organization to help them develop ways to meet and overcome challenges they face as leaders, managers or members of a team. Through group roundtable sessions, we encourage team members to share not only the dilemmas they face in the workplace, but explore potential solutions. Sessions encourage participants to become stronger, more effective communicators, to collaborate across disciplines, and to develop solid conflict resolution strategies. The sessions also build individual capability, where participants explore their personal leadership styles, their relationships with colleagues, and their impact on workplace culture and the results they want to achieve.


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Multi-Stakeholder and Multi-Disciplinary Projects (Team Alignment Charter Process)

The success of any large project depends heavily on the ability of the project leader to bring team members together, and on those team members to work together through the inevitable challenges that arise. The Team Alignment Charter Process helps teams develop shared agreement on effective ways to communicate, clarify issues and determine solutions as they work toward a common goal. We also address ways to create a culture of accountability, from project leaders down to individual team members.


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